Unique and Tradittional address system in Kyoto City

Basic of Kyoto's tradittional address.

Example: ""AAAA-dori BBBB higashi-iru""

Destination ia along with AAAA street.
 Note: '-dori' means street, avenue, or builbird.
Start from intersection of AAAA street and BBBB street, go East direction for destination.
  ~~Higashi-iru  East of ~~
  ~~Nishi-iru   West of ~~
  ~~Agaru    North of ~~
  ~~Sagaru   South of ~~

As you see, Kyoto's tradittional address is a kind of navigation system.
Kyoto is artificial designed city, model on ancient Xian, China. Every street has unique names, and runs in grid shape.

This is basic roles. However, there are many exceptions and variation of expression. This rules can be freely bend if it keeps 'navigatable'.